Picolo offers one data, one compute for apps


Picolo is an ex-Wisc, ex-Googler startup building a new database and compute platform. Picolo's mission is 'one data, one compute close to the source'. We aim to offer a firebase like service whose backend runs on multiple public clouds and on the edge at mini datacenters across the world. We also aim to host Picolo's database and compute at 5G access points in the future for maximum performance and resiliency. Some problems we are thinking about are: How should a decentralized database running over a 1000 nodes work? How should these nodes talk to each other? What if some of these nodes are malicious? Our founding team consists of two ex-Google engineers who have solid backgrounds in building scalable systems that serve billions of users every single day. We closed our first round of funding from top Silicon Valley VCs and are hiring for full time, part time and internship positions.

Fun fact about the logo:

We chose the number PI (first two letters of Picolo) as it is irrational and thus infinite in representation. That is, there is no way to represent PI in a finite manner in the language of math we have today, much like most of the data in the world. The logo is constructed of 1s and 0s taken from the first 128 bits of the binary representation of PI.

Founder bios:

Adi Kancherla:

Arunesh Mishra:


Our current work includes:

  • Attribute based encryption
  • Data-first compute
  • Limited knowledge sharing
  • Quantifying data leakage and privacy loss
  • Building a faster p2p overlay network than the state of the art
  • Distributed query processing on a p2p overlay network
  • Incentive design

Please contact us at hello@picolo.network if you like to work with us on any of the above topics. Remote applicants welcome.

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  • Distributed Systems Engineer


Picolo is a well-funded pre-launch startup by two ex-Google engineers in SF Bay area. We are building a distributed database network to support the next generation of web and mobile apps. Checkout our whitepaper at https://picolo.network/paper.

What you will be doing

  • Build a distributed network of nodes storing shards of data to be shared in a peer to peer network
  • Design app SDKs and API's to handle sensitive and confidential data
  • Design, architect, develop, and implement a large scale distributed network that allows for strong data security, excellent control of data, ease of integration, reduction of cost and creation of new profit centers
  • Integrate with apps built on blockchains
  • Craft a decentralized solution to a typically centralized problem from the ground up
  • Develop models within distributed computing frameworks
  • Maintain a well-tested codebase with continuous integration

What you need for this position

  • Experience in Go, building backends on Google Cloud/AWS/Azure
  • Experience with continuous integration tools, git, test driven development. Experience launching backends is a plus
  • Basic understanding of networking concepts, distributed systems and databases
  • Experience with blockchains is a plus

What's in it for you

  • Extensive Medical Coverage - health, dental, vision
  • Competitive salary package with early stage equity
  • All standard SF bay area startup perks
  • Flexible work hours. Come in at 1pm and leave at 9pm? You got it

Email your resume or linkedin/github profiles to: hello@picolo.network